Since 2007, Judge Williams offers services in Conflict Management including, mediation, arbitration (including UM and UIM), Special Master and Discovery Master and litigation consultation and support.

Mediation: One of several Conflict Management techniques that spans many cultures and thousands of years, Mediation has gained popularity in recent years as an efficient, yet thoughtful, method of resolving disputes outside of the courtroom setting. Parties can actively participate in the resolution of their problems, allowing them to explore settlement alternatives with the assistance of the Mediator acting as a neutral outside of the courtroom setting. All discussions are privileged and confidential. Judge Williams has a high success rate in resolving all types of litigation through the mediation process.

Arbitration: A knowledgeable third party is empowered to make a decision for the disputing parties. The parties can negotiate in advance of entering the arbitration which issues will be resolved by the arbitrator. Having a former judge review the sub- missions, listen to testimony and decide the issues, often serves as an economical alter- native to the formal litigation process. Judge Williams is approved by numerous carriers and is available to serve as a neutral in UM/UIM arbitrations.

Special Master and Discovery Master: Often, complex litigation requires the assistance of an experienced attorney or former judge to make decisions and guide the case through the litigation process in an expedient and orderly fashion. Decisions can be made by the Special Master who can devote substantial time and attention to the issues raised by the parties and then advise the court and parties as to those decisions. Judge Williams has successfully managed cases assigned by judges to conclusion.

Litigation and Litigation consultation: A unique feature of Judge Williams’s law firm is that it offers litigation services in the form of advice to attorneys in preparation for trial and assistance in preparing briefs at the trial and appellate levels. In addition, Judge Williams can perform mock trials and/ or hearings on significant matters including oral arguments. She is also available to handle select litigation matters including court appearances. Litigants may also choose Judge Williams for AAA matters as she is now an approved panelist for both AAA arbitrations and meditations.